FIGHT BACK: Reclaim Your Food

Good food is essential to a good life. Due to the capitalist exploitation of our food system we now eat food that kills us. Further, the way we produce food is destructive to our environment and extremely wasteful. We end up paying too much money for food we can’t afford, that destroys our environment and kills us. This is not a good plan. We do however have options to reverse this trend:

1. Farmers Markets

We are very lucky to have awesome local farmer’s markets here in Concord, Pleasant Hill, Martinez and many other cities in the bay area. These markets not only move your money away from local chains, they can at times save you money as well. The best part is the fresh healthy and organic food that can be found.

2. Gardening

Below you will find several resources for various gardening methods:

3. GMO’s & Monsanto

Despite the efforts of many to get our food labeled and to fight Monsanto we still have no standards to protect us from GMO food. We do have resources however so that we can purchase non-GMO products thereby voting with our money!

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