It’s 4 Everyone

Many activist reject the 4th of July as a patriarchal racist holiday. They argue that celebration of the 4th of July ignores the genocide committed against the Native Americans in efforts to establish America. Further, rights were originally only granted to land owning white males excluding everyone else.

We do not ignore or deny these facts and respect these positions.

The 4th of July is used to conjure up feelings of patriotism and ideals about freedom. These images and feelings are utilized by the elite in American to further erode our rights. We are attempting to turn that on its head. Instead of celebrating rights long lost we will be continuing to fight for rights for all.

We are attempting to seek a public gathering of people to hold a Public Assembly and Rally. This assembly with be open to all people “a self-organized, autonomous, non-hierarchical group of people who come together to meet”. The goal would be to unify the people in a public space where their grievances can be heard freely. We respectfully welcome dissent. We understand that when various levels of oppression are challenged this can be uncomfortable and challenging but it also how we achieve growth.


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